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Onward to DC!

RALEIGH, NC- Sam Winstead leads a team of World Peace Challenge Affirmers as they begin their journey to deliver the “People’s Call for a Peace Economy” to DC.  The kick-off event was centered around the NC State Bell Tower which has also inspired the “Swords to Plowshares” artistic interpretation of the true meaning how a nation heals and moves beyond war.

Bell Tower Sam

The cyclists rode 34 miles from NC State to Louisburg College where they were welcomed by college president Dr. Mark La Branche.  As we gathered around the campus “Peace Pole”, Dr. La Branche pointed out that they were standing on the same lawn that Sherman’s troops camped on during the American Civil War. Now an army of peace will use this lawn for its tent city on its way Washington DC.  ‪#‎worldpeacechallenge‬ See www.igg.me/at/2015worldpeacechallenge

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