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Healing at Standing Rock

screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-6-06-31-am WATCH THIS VIDEO:  Healing at Standing Rock  –A moment to reflect on the power of humility on one side and grace on the other. #standingrock #worldpeacechallenge #ourrevolution.

When egos rule the world, we do everything to protect our false identities…even on a national or religious level.  However, behind the veil of our self-constructed world exists our true nature and light.  When we bow, we bow to the one source that permeates all and transcends everything that is fake about us.  Its a thing of beauty that produces a moment of a gentle tear through an ‘almost’ smile.  Saying we have wronged our human nature to someone who still embraces us is a complex thing, yet it is also simple.  We don’t have to go to Standing Rock to practice that moment on a micro-level in our personal lives, but I am proud of those he did.  The pushback will come and egos will roar, but maybe when we talk to the ‘other’ we will realize that there is no other at all.


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