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Documentary Storyworld Coaching

We help documentary artists and organizations design and produce “Documentary Storyworlds”.

These Storyworlds use multiple forms of media, on multiple platforms to solicit mulitple perspectives that generate crowdsourcing, community building and a deeper understanding of content and its potential to engage.

Why Documentary Storyworlds?

Our storyworlds serve as an alternative to one-off projects that don’t give your audience a reason to come back.  By working through our process, you learn how to build projects that create momentum, exploration, deep listening and learning.  You will understand your audience, story and its potential for change-making.  You will learn what makes an audience emotionally active and reflective as they look at how your work resonates in their lives.  Audiences will return to your projects because of the ‘Narrative Suspense’ that opens the door to people, events, memories and places that are much bigger than what they appear.  Documentary Storyworlds allow these elements to grow beyond the static through audience participation.

What does the design process entail?

Documentary Storyworld Design: Strategies that work for both pre-production and post-production builds. Documentary Storyworlds may include multiple forms of media from multiple points of view.

  1. World
  2. Character
  3. Plot
  4. Audience
  5. Memories
  6. Assets

Stage one of our process revolves around developing and understanding your Logline, Genre, Dramatic Pressure, Time line

The process culminates with the development of the full Documentary Storyworld Blueprint that launches your Transmedia Project Proposal.   This process works for both large and small-scope pieces and enables you to use photography, writing, video, live events and installations that help your audience progress through your world.


How to get started?

Send us an email at filmsforworldpeace@gmail.com.  We are also now offering workshops at Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University.


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