• Your non-tax-deductible donations fund our films productions, education projects, Sam’s Ride for Peace and outreach to local refugees.

Film Production Partner Program

In this highly selective program, we choose to collaborate with other filmmakers, social entrepreneurs, or non-profit organizations to actualize their vision.  Feel free to read our published rates below and to contact us to learn more about this program.

  1.  “Mind Set/Mind Map” session for $285.  It takes two hours.  The only problem is it won’t get into execution.  What you get out of this is on overview for how to approach your film strategy and optimizing it for social media.
  2. “Guided Coaching” Get the Mind Set/Mind Map for free! when you sign up for 10 additional hours of coaching for $950.
  3. “We FiLM Peace Program”– If you want to commission us for production work, it ranges from $550-$950 per/day.
  4. Post-Production is $775 per day.
  5. Film Traffic Director Program is where we market and manage your productions through FiLMS for World Peace starting at $685 per month.
  6. Documentary Feature Film is where you commission us to produce a documentary from A to Z.  This is the most selective program of all and is not intended for those wishing to just create propoganda for their organization, but instead, it is for those who want us to create an authentic film that will inform, inspire and entertain.  –Starting at $25,000

The Co-Sponsoring Option:

Can you get at least 50 people to subscribe to our YouTube Channel?  Let’s say you are a non-profit or social entrepreneur who is creating an event and does not have the funds to commission a film production from FiLMS for World Peace, we still might be able to work something out.  After all, we do want to expand our community and empower the will for change.  This is a highly selective case by case program, but we are all ears.  In the name of transparency, tell us whatever your budget might be (regardless of how little) and we will determine if your event is one that we could be interested in co-sponsoring.  So, what does this entail?   Your organization would be required to make announcements at the event that we are co-sponsors and that we are raising money for a specific film production, allow us to distribute any flyers, cards or DVDs about the film production we are working on and allow us to collect email addresses of people attending your event that may be interested in helping FiLMS for World Peace achieve its mission.  We also may require that you send a FiLMS for World Peace video to your organization’s email list.  In return, you will get the film you didn’t think you could afford.  The possibilities are exciting and our goal is to always design win, win scenarios that promote people power, social justice and peace.



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