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I had no idea I was filming some of his last days

I had no idea I was filming some of his last days, but this month, we lost a presence that was one of a kind.  It is hard to believe that Jay Marx is gone.  Although it was common to get separated on our long bike ride to DC in May, it was always easy to find Jay–you just had to follow the sound of children laughing.  His humor, spirit and activism were disarming.  He and I camped next to each other almost every night and had talks that would make the sunrise wait.  He was the first to accept the World Peace Challenge. In his last email to me, in June, he said he didn’t know what he was going to do after the summer but looked forward to riding many peace miles in the future with me.  I was excited to have him as a new friend and felt that he would be part of the World Peace Challenge for many years.  It is now my duty more than ever to share what was started this year and to remember that Jay was the first to accept the challenge.  I will miss him and what could have been, but the spirit of those who plant seeds live with us as long those seeds keep producing.  With this video tribute, I share a seed with you.  Long live the spirit of Jay!

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